5 Great Things about Oslo in the Autumn

Oslo is Norway is the capital where things happen in the autumn. It is a town where many good things happen. So do check out our 5 Great Things about Oslo in the Autumn guide!

#1 Fewer insects Everywhere

At the end of August, the insects are either very angry or just dies. The ones with the strongest heart survive the winter by sleeping etc. The worst time of the year for wasp haters is at the end of August.

But once September kicks in with freezing temps during the night. Even those horrible wasps die because of the chilly weather. This is also the reality for bees and many other flies. But some survives in humans homes like the banana fly. But outside its fewer insects everywhere.

5 Great Things about Oslo in the Autumn

#2 Colors of the Trees changes

Green is cool. It is very nice to look at. But it also attracts lots of insects. As the previous topic. With colder temps. Then the insects time is over because of the weather changing from warm weather to mild and in the end cold weather. Usually, the trees start to change their colors at the end of August in Oslo. But this changes every year. So now in 2019, the yellowing started at the beginning of September.

With all of the trees changing colors. We also recommend walking in the forests or parks in Oslo. Because of fewer insects everywhere. Many loves to take long walks and eat some very yummy waffles etc at the different forest restaurants that you can find.

#3 Eat an affordable Fårikål Dish

With fewer insects and the leaves on the trees turning to yellow. The Norwegian tradition in September is a dish called Fårikål. This is a dish made of lamb.

5 Great Things about Oslo in the Autumn

Fårikål is considered as the national dish in our country. It is a dish that is consisting of pieces of mutton (lamb) with bone, cabbage, whole black pepper and often a little wheat flour, cooked for several hours in a casserole, traditionally served with potatoes boiled in their jackets.

The dish is typically prepared in early autumn. You can see in our pictures how it could look like. It’s a very tasty dish that you also can eat together with Flatbrød. This dish is very affordable. We found cabbage for only 2kr per kg. Which is insane cheap at KIWI supermarket at Grønland.

So if you’re staying at an Airbnb apartment and thinks that eating outside in Oslo is expensive. Then this national dish is a must to eat n September.

#4 Nights are Normal again

With the autumn. The days and nights are more and more equal in length until it changes at the end of October when the nights become longer than the days in our capital.

Many tourists come to Norway in the summer months. They complain about too long days and the fact that the sun rises at four o’clock in the morning. In September, October and November which is the autumn months in Norway. You don’t need to worry about that.

5 Great Things about Oslo in the Autumn

But we do suggest to all visiting Oslo in the autumn months to bring warmer clothes with you as the nights can be really cold even though the weather forecast says 18C or 20C during the daytime.

#5 Watch a Nice movie at some of our great Cinemas in Oslo

If you don’t want to walk in the forest. There are some great cinemas in Oslo. For tourists or visitors. You should know that all of the movies except for the children aimed movies. They are all in the original language with Norwegian subtitles under.

So if you are from an English speaking country and want to see the newest movie. Then you shouldn’t have any issues. You can order the tickets from cinema sites or you can do it physically by showing up and order from a cashier. They will understand English.

A nice note though. The cinemas are never inside any shopping malls. They are beside them or in their own building. This is the same for both OsloKino and ODEON. Happy watching!

5 Great Things about Oslo in the Autumn

So! With these 5 Great Things that you can do in Oslo during this Autumn. I hope you find some interesting info to share. Autumn is a special time here. Welcome to our capital.


Source: Oslo Distrita own Knowledge and Experience