New And Delicious Food In a Suburb Of Oslo

Unfortunately it seems like pizza, sushi, kebab and hamburgers have taken over the menus in most of the restaurants in Oslo. Yeah, Norwegians like to eat international food, and you can almost forget finding other food if you’re eating out. But hopefully, maybe this is about to change. Street Food is the hottest word in the city for the moment, and new small places serving exotic street food from everywhere are popping up in the city, serving from food trucks and random street stalls, but because of the cold weather in Oslo many street food places move into normal restaurant houses too for a permanent business. Many street food enthusiasts have a goal to be such popular as they can sell their exotic dishes all year long and make their niche food popular among the locals.

The most affordable area of Oslo for dinner?

GrønlandMany of the new exotic restaurants are located in Grønland, an old suburb of the city that recently has got a revival and here lots of new restaurants, cafeterias and bars are popping up all the time. The suburb has a got a new potential to give both locals and tourists the best gourmet experiences. It is known that Grønland never sleeps. In fact it’s one of the most lively areas of the city. Here you find fruit markets open until midnight. There are fast food places open until 4 or 5 am. And if everything in Oslo is closed due to a public holiday, you should be sure to find many open restaurants in Grønland – always! Thanks to the tight competition of eating places it’s probably the most affordable places to have lunch or dinner out in the city. We are exciting to reveal some of the most exciting new places to eat in Oslo.


Bao House in Oslo – Affordable, Vietnamese Street Food

Today it’s time to introduce Bao for you. So, what does Bao mean? The name Bao is of Chinese origin. The meaning of Bao is “treasure”. It is also of Vietnamese origin, where its meaning is “protection“. Bánh bao (meaning wrapping cake) is a ball-shaped bun containing pork or chicken meat, onions, eggs, mushrooms and vegetables, in Vietnamese cuisine, according to Wikipedia.

In Asia Bao is the Number 1 in street food. It is a super popular dish which everybody loves and is widely available on street stalls everywhere. While the Baos may be eaten at any meal, as lunch or dinner, they are probably most often eaten for breakfast.

Trendy cities like London, New York and Los Angeles have served Bao for a long time. Now you can finally try out authentic Bao in Norway. We have passed by this restaurant several times, and looked forward to it’s opening. Bao House is brand new and opened just some few days ago. We really looked forward to testing out Bao, because this is something unique. This is the first restaurant in Oslo serving Bao. Bao House has taken tempting photos for the menu display and the commercial standing outside.


Healthy fast food option in Oslo

Oslo just got it’s first Bao House, folks! Congratulations! Finally a more healthy choice than the other fast food chains.

We are checking out their Facebook site:

This portable snack or meal is definitely the king of street food in Asia. Baozi, literally “little bag”, is a bun made with flour and yeast, filled with various preparations, and steamed in bamboo baskets. It is a popular dish and widely available on street stalls. While they can be eaten at any meal, baozi or simply Bao are often eaten for breakfast. Whatever the names, Bao is on the rise, and it is not just because of its dough. From New York to Paris, London or Sydney, this “pillowy” bun is becoming the new star of the modern street food, appearing on the menus of the trendiest eateries. So, what is your favorite type?

Bao Chicken

Friendly, service minded staff

When we are entering the Bao House the guy at the counter welcomes us. He seems to have lots of orders already, although this is the launch week! We have to wait a little time to order, but he is quick. The restaurant is quite small but big enough for 20-30 people. I think lots of the customers order takeaway too. One of the walls has a green forest background. The rest of the interior is made of wood. The display menu looks appealing for our lunch. The only question is what should we choose? The guy is more than willing to give us some suggestions, but he says that all the Baos taste great. They have 7 Baos on the list, and they have a special offer: Choose 3 Baos 1 drink for 149 kroner ($ 19). We decided to give it a go. My friend orders Number 1, 2 and 3 (Chicken, Pork and Vegetarian) while I order Number 4, 5 and 6 (Beef, Lamb, and Duck). They also have many healthy drink options as well. My friend orders a GING while I’m going for their owned mixed drink: “Sweet Ginger”, an ice-cold yellow drink with freshly pressed fruit, orange, peer, ginger, and pineapple.

Ginger Sweet

Refreshing, healthy drinks and more

We just find a table and wait for some few minutes, actually not long at all, maybe 2 or 3 minutes, and we get our first Bao… It’s tasty, fresh and absolutely delicious.

The guy at the counter asks us if we like it, and he also explains how he has prepared the food for us.

-Oh lord, I can feel that it’s healthy, my friend states. And I say: -Yes, finally a healthier place in town where we can have lunch! You feel much better after eating it as well! And it’s a good value. 3 Baos are enough to get full! And the drinks are absolutely refreshing and yummy! We will definitely spend more lunch breaks at Bao House in the future!

Bao House is located in Parkveien 6, Oslo, and is open from 11am until 8pm every day. You can check out their Facebook site:

Baohouse on Facebook

Where You can find Bao House

Visit their website:

New location in 2019: Parkveien 6, Oslo, 0350 Oslo

Den Glade Italiener

Affordable pizza places in Oslo. Now, that’s something quite unique if you only check tourist books and sites worldwide. But we at Distrita knows about several affordable places that have a charming design and at the same time does have lower prices that don’t cut in the taste. Not at all. At The Happy Italian ‘Den Glade Italiener’ which sits at Grønland Torg shopping street. They have introduced affordable Italian pizzas to the area which is needed. So, we decided to make a visit to this new pizza place in Oslo. So, read about what we found!

Good promos on pizza

We decided to test the place out on a Monday, since then they offered a buffet at a very low price of just 99 NOK. This made it possible for us to try out different types of pizza types in their categories of Red Pizzas and White Pizzas. Here we got many variants to try out and we enjoyed the taste of every one of them. The thin crust is delicious with the various types of toppings were really great and especially nice regarding the price. If this new place keeps up with having Pizza buffet offering like this on certain days in a week. This will for sure give them new and even more customers with happier faces when they leave. This area of Oslo where most of the restaurants sell Indian and Turkish food, it’s good and refreshing to see a new pizza place doing the right moves so that they will be remembered in the future. Peoples communication about positive experiences to others is the best marketing strategy that you as a newly opened restaurant can get. Once people start to talk about your new place, others will come and those telling about you will return also. Clever!

Very interesting pizzas at The Happy Italian ‘Den Glade Italiener’ in Oslo. They are in all kinds of variants. Everything from vegetarian only ones to complex ones having several ingredients on them for meat and pepperoni lovers. But that’s not all. They also serve Antipasti and Salads if you prefer that kind of food also. For Dessert lovers, they serve delicious chocolate mousse, tiramisu, Italian ice cream, and even Pizza Nutella. We haven’t tried that one out, but it’s on our list to try out for sure.

Update: Pizzas are sold with 40% discount every Monday.

If you want to know more about this restaurant and what they offer, please visit their website here,

Comfortable location that is very easy to find for you to try out

The Happy Italian ‘Den Glade Italiener’ got fantastic dishes and desserts. They also have a good location. The seats are comfortable and the atmosphere inside is really nice, with service that is positive too. Here you can get an affordable pizza experience in the heart of the eastern part of Oslo center. So, if you think that a pizza at Peppes (Pizza Hut alike place) is a bit too expensive, then this restaurant is for sure an alternative that will save you some money when visiting Oslo. The pizzas have a thinner crust like real Italian pizzas, but for people loving that. The Happy Italian ‘Den Glade Italiener’ is the place for you.

Here you find The Happy Italian ‘Den Glade Italiener’ in Oslo

On some maps, it still says the old restaurant. This restaurant is side by side with Deli De Luca kiosk and MENY grocery store. It’s just across from the Grønland Metro station. It’s part of the Grønland Torg shopping street. It’s very easy to find.

Here we have some more photos of the place

Check out their site


Just side by side with the new BAO restaurant, you find a store that we at Distrita would like to recommend that sells various nuts and dried fruit. This store is called ‘Nøtteblanderen’ and is all about selling you quality nuts and dried fruit products. Both in loose weight and in own wrapped designed paper bags. Here is a unique store in Oslo with a pure heart regarding choices and service. We visited them to give you a glimpse of store types in Oslo that isn’t too common and the prices here are affordable too. Read on for our experience further.

Walnuts from Chile, California and even covered walnuts in Chocolate

This store has so many variations of seeds, nuts and dried fruit, so it may be difficult to choose just one kind…  Some of their specialties are caramelized nut butter, dried mango,  chocolate strawberries,  dried mulberry, yogurt cashew, banana chips with chocolate, caramel almonds and much much more. However, the service that the owners give is really nice. They let you actually taste and try nuts that you don’t know the taste of. In fact, when you just stand there, the lady behind the counter kindly comes to you and gives you the possibility to try variants that you are uncertain about. That is a service which we have only seen at some few several food events. So if you love nuts or dried fruit. Then Nøtteblanderen is the special nuts store that you should try out.

When we did our review of this store, we bought pretty many nuts and dried food for 300 NOK. So, the prices are affordable. We think that the reason for this is that this store is located in the Grønland area and because of it can sell products cheaper. In fact, almost all of the stores in Oslo that is in the Grønland and Tøyen area are more affordable and cheaper. Lots of foreigners have opened their own local stores, making this area a cheaper place as the competition here is bigger than in other parts of Oslo.

Nøtteblanderen has also got a great selection of organic tea and coffee.

Here are some reviews we found on Facebook:

A good selection of roasted, salted, unsalted nuts, plus dried fruit which is not powdered with sugar, and some fantastic treats like roasted almonds with a honey and sea salt coating. My friend introduced me to this shop today and I am definitely coming back for more. Dangerous on the pocketbook but oh so good.

Such friendly and helpful service and a great selection of quality nuts, seeds, and dried fruit. I refuse to go anywhere else now for all the nuts and seeds I buy.

Huge choice of nuts and dried fruits in bags but also at the demand (and you can taste before you buy ). Fair prices ! And your really feel welcome go in there 

 Great place with a very kind lady behind the counter. Will always go here when I’m in Oslo!

Map of where You can find Nøtteblanderen

Some very nice photos of Nøtteblanderen here

Brugata Landhandleri – changed to Vaterland (updated: 2019)

From the people behind the cocktail bar and craft distillery Himkok and Munnskjenk there is coming to a new and exciting concept in Oslo which is named Brugata Landhandleri. This is something we at Distrita have been looking forward to. We have passed by it several times and found it so exciting that we had to give it a go. They have many tables and chairs outside where you can sit and relax on a sunny day. When it’s getting dark they have a beautiful lighting on the facade and small lights are hanging in the small backyard between the local supermarket and their bar. Brugata Landhandleri is not just another typical bar.

Brugata LandhandleriA house full of exciting projects

Brugata Landhandleri unites many things inside of one house – a cafeteria, cocktail bar, gourmet canned wholesale store and more. In the future, they will even have local farmers shop at the entrance. This is THE Unique Place where you can come all days of the week, no matter if it’s for a morning coffee, lunch on the go, some small evening snacks or a glass of wine with your friends, family or colleagues. Here you can order a juice or a cup of tea and work on your laptop without being disturbed by anyone else. They have Free Wifi as well.

Trendy design and interior style

The interior of the house has got a complete makeover. The designers replaced the old windows with larger ones which make the room feel much bigger and brighter than how it looked in the old venue of “Den Røde Mølle”, the old bar that was there before. We really like the welcoming atmosphere in the first floor which consists of the coffee bar. It is open from 7am so if you are an early bird, this is the the new place for you. You have lots of space, at the same time you don’t feel it’s too quite. The roof is painted light pink. The floor is green. The chairs are red. The rest is a mix of white and wood.

Brugata Landhandleri MenuPortuguese kitchen and affordable eating

Their healthy breakfast options give you some sandwiches, salads, muesli and egg dishes to choose from. The lunch menu consists of 4 Portuguese simple dishes for everyday life to choose from. You can expect to find sardines, patee, tuna and octopus on the menu. We decided to go for their “Bifana” (79 kr / $9). It is a delicious pork sandwich.

“Modbar” gives much better eye contact with the customers

We also ordered a cappuchino from their “Modbar” machine. The built-in coffee machines are imported from United States and minimize the space on their kitchen. That’s why they could place it in the counter in front of their kitchen and not behind of the counter like most other cafeterias do in Oslo. And we have to admit it’s a smart trick. In this way they don’t need to leave the customer while they are preparing the hot drinks, and can keep talking and be social all the time until they give you the cup.  The investment of the Modbar machines pay out in better relations to the clients and hopefully even more loyal visitors.

Brugata Landhandleri CoffeeThe coolest cocktail bar with longdrinks and “taptails”

Also on the second floor they have the same strategy to stay closer to the guests while they are preparing the drinks and cocktails. The second floor is a bit darker and it is a cozier place to enjoy a drink with your friends after work. The chairs look comfortable and have different colors. They even have a small outdoor patio which you can access from the second floor. Since you have plenty of space to romp on, there is no need to leave the bar after just one drink. At Brugata Landhandleri you can easily order a glass of wine while your friend order a cocktail or a beer. There is no certain rule for what you should drink here. The homemade cocktails will be served as long drinks and they promise high quality and only fresh raw ingredients. You can also try out their mojitos and pina coladas as “taptails”. Here you also can order just some yummy snacks to have beside of your drinks, like some delicious cheese or ham. A bit later in the evening they may have DJs, and the bar will close at 1am or even later in the weekends.

Brugata Landhandleri CocktailsBrugata Landhandleri – A Mix For Everyone

Brugata Landhandleri is a mix of the Mediterranean kitchen and lifestyle. It’s a mix of coffee and cocktail. It’s a mix of grocery shopping from local farmers and imported quality products. It simply is Brugata Landhandleri, that will make sure that the area Brugata will have a variety and take care of the locals as well as the tourists. Yeah, at this place there is something for everyone.

Where is Brugata Landhandleri located?

Address: Brugata 9, 0186 Oslo.

Just take tram 11, 12, 13 to the Brugata stop or just walk from Jernbanetorget. There is a renovated hotel next to it, the Thon Hotel Spectrum and the new bar Abelone.

Check out their Facebook site here.

Stay tuned. We will update you with more new places in Oslo soon.