Affordable Oslo Boat Trip Guide

Did you know that you can use several boat lines in Oslo during the summer? That these are part of the Ruter (public transportation) company zone area for Oslo? In the summertime, Oslo is much less crowded as most of people have vacation so Norwegians goes to their vacation houses or to other countries. There is in the law that Norwegians can demand 3 weeks of holiday during July month. Thats how serious it is.

Get to know the Beautiful islands in the Oslofjord

The boats is drifted by Ruter. So the ticket you have for tram, metro, bus and trains which works within Oslo borders. They also works on these boat lines.

With the Ruter ticket you can get yourself an affordable boat trip! They take you to Langøyene, Hovedøya and many more islands that we at Oslo.Distrita.Com wants to reveal for you. When you take one of these boat trips, you take away all of the stress you might have. You can either take them to one of the destinations where they go or you can just sit on the deck and get brown!

Affordable Oslo Boat Trip Guide

A very affordable trip that got more Value than you think

The prices is 30 NOK for 1 hour or 105 NOK for a 24 hour ticket. There is also a 7 days ticket that costs 285 NOK.

We at Oslo.Distrita.Com suggest that you take the 24 hour ticket if you are here for a weekend. Then you can take these boat lines as many times as you want without paying extra during 24 hours! It means that with this price you can explore all of the islands and still get around in Oslo. You can even use it during the night as there are no special Night tax in Oslo anymore.

That is a very affordable ticket and an very affordable suggestion for people that have knowledge from other sources that Oslo is so expensive. With the long days and neverending evenings and mornings during the summer. Taking this boat trip around 9pm (21.00) in the evening is really something.

The last boat that goes back to Oslo floats about 11.20pm (23.20) in the evening. If you dont reach it you need to stay on the island until the next morning. Some people go to these islands for camping even though its not a thing to do on all of the islands.

Welcome to a more affordable Oslo!


Source:, Distrita Own Experience