Delicious, generous and cheap dinner in Oslo: Azadi Restaurant Review

Finally a place where you get more food than you expect! Great news if you are looking for a cheap restaurant in Oslo. We have found a place where you can get LOTS of food for 100 kroner! It’s not so easy to find places like that in Oslo! Here is our review of Azadi Restaurant in Oslo.

Azadi Restaurant review – our honest opinion

Azadi Restaurant is one of the newest Turkish restaurants, located in Grønland – close to Oslo central station. There are many Turkish restaurants that pop up in this area for the moment, that means the competition is good and prices are low. Here the waitresses wear elegant red and black uniforms, which is very common for Turkish restaurants. There were not many guests when we visited it around noon time. But since it’s a new place and we came in the Summer Vacation there are less people everywhere in Oslo. The benefit is that you don’t need to wait for an available table and you will get help quicker from the waitress.

Quick service at Azadi – Free soup – and LOTS of food

Just after ordering at the counter and going to the table, the waitress served us a bonus pea soup as a surprise from the staff. We liked the soup and it was a perfect starter! In Norway we are definitely not used to get anything for free, so it was a nice gesture. And the main dishes came quickly to the table too. If we compare it in volume of food that you get served on the plate, this is definitely the most food you can get served anywhere in Oslo, that means a really good value for money. And we mean, LOTS of food, actually we struggled to eat everything because we were so full! (But it was really delicious!) Azadi Restaurant at Grønland has prices around 100,- NOK ($12) per main dish. The restaurant is surprisingly spacious and they have funky lights in the roof that are blinking in different colors. So, taking your kids here will be a fun experience for sure. It’s a relaxed and friendly atmosphere in this restaurant. Well, you should come for the food, nothing else, because the food is indeed very delicious and the service is great too.

Delicious chicken and spaghetti meal served on huge plates

We tried a chicken meal with couscous rice and a pasta alike chicken meal with spaghetti that were yummy, both served on huge plates (platters 22 and 24 on the menu). The dishes came with vegetables, salad, lemon, beets and red onion. I will say they serve food in American portions here, not European for sure. That means you will need to go here when your stomach is crying for food and you haven’t eaten anything in advance. The waitress at the restaurant smiled to us and gave us everything we needed. This is the kind of service that you should expect in expensive restaurants, but since everything is cheap in Azadi Restaurant, we came in with absolutely no expectations at all. Azadi Restaurant didn’t disappoint us in any issue. You get GREAT value for money, that’s sure, and in this restaurant we can say that the price is right for sure. We paid for everything when we finished eating and they gave us a friendly smile when we said good bye. We have been eating at many Turkish restaurants nearby, and we must say that this must be the cheapest Turkish restaurant in Oslo right now!

Where to find Azadi Restaurant in Oslo

Azadi Restaurant is located just side beside of Easy Foods, a 24 hour grocery store on Grønland. On the other side, you find the Grønland Basar shopping mall, and it’s not far (200 meters) from the Grønland T-bane station (underground). The Azadi Restaurant is easy to locate from the Grønlandsleiret street from Grønland Basar entrance. To get here, you need to cross Grønlandsleiret from it. But you also can take the Bus Line 37 or 60 to Tøyengata or Norbygata bus station. If you take the Bus Line 37, then it’s only 40 meter in walking distance!

Address: Mandalls gate 2, 0190 Oslo
Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday: 11.00 – 23.00
Website: None at the moment