Beijing 8 Tjuvholmen Review – Dumplings and tea at its’ very best

Beijing 8 Tjuvholmen review
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We have been waiting for a place like Beijing 8 in Oslo, and now we are so lucky that we got two of them – one at Tjuvholmen and another one in the shopping mall Steen & Strøm Food Court.

At Beijing 8 you will get very tasty dumplings! We love that they have many vegan and gluten free options too in their menu – their very own organic iced tea – slow food with natural ingredients – served very fast! This is the perfect lunch place, but also great for dinner.

Review – Beijing 8 Tjuvholmen: Looking for quality food that is not only healthy but yummy? Maybe your friend is vegan, and you struggle to find places you can eat together? We visited this brand new restaurant named Beijing 8 located at Oslo’s most elegant shoreline area, Tjuvholmen, recently opened this week. It’s very good to know that more restaurants provide new and nutritious options for their customers in which you will absolutely find in this place. This is their second restaurant in Oslo, but they already have 6 restaurants in Sweden, 1 in Finland and 1 in France.

What is the concept of Beijing 8? Well, this will probably be your new favorite place if you’re a fan of dumplings and organic tea. Their tasty dumplings are made with natural and fresh ingredients. Great dumplings – great, but what should you drink beside of it? They have only organic drinks on the menu – the organic iced teas that are brewed on tea leaves straight from China, for one glass bottle you will pay for 48 kroner. I personally tried it and it’s very refreshing. This is welcoming in a country like Norway where coffee has almost no competition. We are happy to see that finally we get some good places where we find good quality of tea served with pride.

Lunch Box at Beijing 8

The best of the Chinese cuisine

So what makes Beijing 8 stand out from the competitors? We asked Casimir Reincke, Country Manager of Beijing 8:

Describe briefly what your dumpling places may provide to Oslo customers ? – Beijing 8 will provide the best of traditional Chinese cuisine with contemporary visions of sustainability. We call it slow fast food. An idea which has found its’ way home to our restaurants in several countries and many places where you buy your food.

Beijing 8 – with focus on nutrition and recycling

Promoting a green environment is one of the main concerns of Beijing 8.  That is why they use recycled paper for their lunch boxes, napkins and cups – because the nature needs to be taken very well care of.

At Beijing 8 they really strive to create products that contain more nutritious ingredients as well such as less salt and sugar, products which are consciously sourced and prepared fresh for you to enjoy. Since they steam most of their ingredients, you keep most of the good stuff – this way they serve slow food – prepared the healthiest way for you – yet served really quick. Yeah, we were actually surprised how quick the food was prepared, we got the food in less than 2 minutes!

We ordered Chef’s Choice: 9 dumplings of the chefs choice, cooked the same way, 1 sauce of our choice, glass noodles or jasmine rice and tea. The price was only 112 kroner, and it was a perfect lunch! This offer is available on daytime from 11 am until 3 pm. We also enjoyed drinking organic iced tea with ginger and elder flower – will definitely order it again.

Nice atmosphere at Beijing 8 Tjuvholmen, Beijing 8 Review

Friendly staff and good atmosphere

The staff were also very friendly, smiling and explained in details what they could offer. We felt welcomed and will definitely return to Beijing 8 – and bring our vegan friends, since they have great vegan menus as well.


The food is definitely fresh for a good price – especially when we are talking about their prime location next to Oslo’s famous harbour area – Aker Brygge. We actually think Beijing 8 is the best place located in this exclusive zone where you get most value for money -and your body will thank you for it. So what are you waiting for, come and discover the newest way to enjoy food in a very nutritious way.

Location: Lille Stranden 4, 0252 Oslo – Tjuvholmen