Discover Oslo’s best viewing point at night, the Ekeberg Park

Do you want to discover Oslo by night? Would you like to find the best viewing point of Oslo? There is one spot where you get the most beautiful viewing point when it’s getting late! The place is named Ekebergparken. It is very close to the city centre, and it’s a great walking tour. Here you will see the Oslo fjord, the sea and its surroundings. You will have full overview of the new Barcode area, the Opera, the new suburb Sørenga and its shoreline, and almost everything of the city centre of Oslo. It’s a beautful view, especially when the lights are on everywhere in the city. That means you should arrive to this park relatively late.

Beautiful views of the Oslo fjord and the city from Ekeberg

Walk up to the Ekeberg park, Oslo’s best viewing point at night

If you are coming from the central station you can walk all the way up in less than 45 minutes. Just walk by Grønland, Old Oslo, the Ruins next to Ladegården and then continue along the tram tracks until you have reach the old hospital. Then you will see the Ekeberg Portal. From here there is an idyllic walkway with path lights that will take you all the way up to Ekeberg park and it takes only 15 minutes! When you get up to the top you have a nice spot where you can take photos of the awesome views. It’s nice to do this little tour when it’s starting to get dark. In summer (mid June to mid July) we would recommend to do the walking around 10pm or later. The photos we provided for this post were taken after midnight on the 1st of July, which was one of the warmest and sunny days so far this year. Oslo had almost 30 degrees in the middle of the day and still around 20 degrees at midnight. Weather like this is nothing to expect in Oslo. We are used to have much lower temperatures (15-20 degrees on daytime, and 10 degrees at night).

Why should I visit Ekeberg park at night? The views are (in my opion) most beautiful when it’s getting a bit dark. The walkway has lights and is along  and is romantic.

If you don’t want to walk, you can take tram 18 or 19 from Jernbanetorget (city centre) to Ekebergparken. The trip takes 10 minutes and the trams have frequent departures until late (almost 1am).

Beautiful midnight view from the Ekeberg Park

What to see in the Ekeberg area except from the Oslo views?

You will find a new sculpture park surrounded by beautiful nature in the Ekeberg park. The park was established in 2015 and has got almost 30 sculptures already. In addition to the sculptures, you will find Ekeberg Restaurant, a museum and a cafeteria. You can find more information about the Ekeberg area at

Want to visit World’s biggest sculpture park? Then you should visit the Vigeland Park.

Ekeberg restaurant

Bright nights in Oslo in the summer – almost like the midnight sun

You may have heard that the north of Norway has midnight sun in the summer? In the North of Scandinavia the nights are sunny and you will not feel it is night at all. Unfortunately, Oslo is located in the South and doesn’t have any Midnight sun. But still there is not much darkness in the middle of the summer. The longest day is the 22.June. If you visit Norway +/- 15 days from this time, you may discover amazing bright nights in Oslo. You will probably not want to sleep as it’s no real darkness. Well, it’s almost dark around 1 am and one hour later it already feels like morning outside! How dark or bright it is depends of several factors, like the weather. If it’s clear skies, you will get the brightest nights.

You may also visit Ekeberg in the winter. Ekeberg is still Oslo’s best viewing point at night, even in the winter! Keep in mind that it’s getting dark already around 4 pm when Oslo is at its darkest, around the 22nd of December.

See more photos of the Ekeberg park and its amazing views in our gallery below.