Dr. Crunchy just Opened in Nydalen area of Oslo

If you want to try new types of fast food. Then Oslo is not the best capital to visit. However, we do have fast-food chains such as McDonald’s, Burger King and Subway. The prices of food on these fast-food places is higher than in the country where you come from, but at least they have a proper menu and you can get some really nice discounts thru their apps which you can find for both iOS and Android.

Dr. Crunchy just Opened in Nydalen area of Oslo

A new fast-food restaurant opened its doors at Nydalen in Oslo

Dr. Crunchy now opened their doors at Nydalen area in Oslo. To find it, you just take Metro Line 4 or Line 5 to Nydalen stop. Then go out and you will see it just next to the station. This is a totally new restaurant that focuses on fried chicken. They are completely new but the folks at our sister publication Etrita Fast Food site writes that this restaurant is very expensive but the food itself is great.

Including Dr. Crunchy, there is also a Maxim Chicken at Grønland Metro stop in the city center of Oslo. They are cheaper if you really need fried chicken. KFC is still not to be found anywhere in Norway but they might come soon as Sweden just got their first KFC restaurants. But when that will happen we don’t know.

Get the Fast-Food restaurant apps for your smartphone

As mentioned above. We recommend you to get the fast-food apps for your smartphone. In Norway, the battle seems to be on the smartphone platform. McDonald’s have several coupons and also Burger King got it too. The kiosks such as Narvesen, 7-11 and Deli De Luca also have theirs. The grocery stores also got theirs. So even though these are quite expensive in Norway compared to other countries in the world. These apps just make your day a bit cheaper from time to time.

Dr. Crunchy just Opened in Nydalen area of Oslo

If you want to read the whole Dr. Crunchy fried chicken restaurant Review. Then go to our Etrita Fast Food site here


Source: Etrita Fast Food Experience