Iceland food chain Just opened two new stores in Oslo

Iceland food chain Just opened two new stores in OsloIf you haven’t read our article about Iceland in Asker outside of Oslo, then do it. Iceland is a totally new chain from the UK that is now expanding in Norway. A food chain with lots of focus on giving people lots of choices for people that like frozen food. Norwegians love that!

Two Iceland grocery stores Opened

In just one week, Iceland decided to open two new stores. One at Stovner shopping center on 24th of March and the other one opened today on 28th of March at St. Hanshaugen. Great stuff!

We choose to visit the one at St. Hanshaugen because of its interesting location. Here Iceland now battles with grocery stores such as Kiwi, Rema 1000 and Coop Extra which is located in just a few meters from it. We wanted to see the vibe and interest.

Iceland food chain Just opened two new stores in OsloLots of people visited Iceland

Our time of arrival was around 16.30 local time. I took the first pictures from outside before I went inside. Here I was met with positive workers giving the free cake and hot dogs schnaps.

Then we continued by walking around in the store and noticed people talking positive things about it. Like, finally we have Iceland in the city center of Oslo and that the Norwegian grocery market needed this. I felt good because that was the same feeling we had when we visited the very first Iceland store at Asker.

Iceland at St. Hanshaugen was full packed with curious people seeing products that you have never seen in Norway before. People bought a lot! It was a positive vibe. We loved it.

Iceland food chain Just opened two new stores in OsloNot only Frozen food at Iceland

We haven’t been sponsored to do this article at all. But wow! Iceland got lots of frozen food to choose from. Like in our previous article. We were amazed! In this store, it seems to be even more grocery choices. Also including all of their frozen product focus. This store at St. Hanshaugen also serve fresh bread, fruits, and other basic Norwegian products.

The CEO of Iceland in Norway comes from Coop so he seems to know what to do to make people come. Iceland can’t afford to make the same mistake as Lidl did back in the days. Iceland concept also seems to be way more compatible with the way Norwegians thinks. Also, their environmental thinking is compatible too.

So, now go and check out Iceland. They need your support.

Iceland food chain Just opened two new stores in Oslo


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