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Iceland Foods Asker
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We really liked their concept of bringing “Power of Frozen” to Norway. We think that Norwegians will love their pizzas and ice cream products – if they just dare to try. Very friendly staff, nice and easy structure of the store, easy to find what we were looking for. Good prices, especially with all their “3 for 2 offers” for pizza and ice cream right now.

Iceland has just opened its first store in Oslo Metro area: It’s not every day an international supermarket chain opens in Norway. Last time was when Lidl was launched in 2004 and lost in 2008. However, Asker just outside of Oslo got a new supermarket chain this week. Iceland Foods is a unique British food retailer with over 900 stores throughout the UK, a further 40 owned or franchised stores across Europe, and now also in Oslo Metro area of Norway.

What is Iceland Foods? Say hi to Norway’s newest Supermarket Chain. With over 40 years’ experience in frozen foods, Iceland is passionate about producing the best quality products at affordable prices. Their range, quality, and choice are market leading not just in the UK, but worldwide. From pizzas to fish and vegetables to desserts, Iceland has something for everyone.

Power of Frozen – Iceland foods Oslo Metro Area Review

Most people are in a hurry these days, and we haven’t time to prepare food from scratch every day. Then it’s great to have some frozen options that just can be warmed up in the microwave oven and ready to be served quickly!

The British Supermarket chain Iceland introduces the term “Power of Frozen” for the Norwegians. Iceland delivers food that is nutritious, has great flavors,  high quality and is affordable. The unique store concept of Iceland is to carefully select food from across the globe to freeze and bring to their stores. Iceland’s goal is to give an extensive, varied and unique eating experience, according to their website. They also write that they export their entire range of frozen, grocery and chilled products to over 40 countries around the world and are keen to expand further. So thank you, Iceland. We look forward to having you in many places in Norway soon! But how does Iceland stand out from the other supermarkets?

For the moment Iceland has opened one store in Asker which is located in the west of the Oslo metro area (20 mins by train from Oslo Central Station, and next to the railway station in Asker)  and one in Larvik which is located a 2-hour ride longer south. With these 2 stores, they will investigate and test what kind of products Norwegians like.

Iceland Foods Oslo

We visited the new Iceland store –  Our experience Iceland entrance

Distrita’s Oslo Crew took the train to Asker to check out Iceland, Norway’s newest supermarket. Read on for our experience and opinions about Iceland!

It was their first week, and we were there on a Friday around noon time. Outside of the store we are met by a smiling and welcoming lady serving free biscuits and pizza slices – we were invited to check out what the store has to offer.

New Supermarket Chain which is leading in frozen pizza

Iceland’s unbeatable pizza range includes authentic Italian Wood Fired Ultra Thing pizzas, made in Italy, in the foothills of the Dolomites; these pizzas are baked in a wood-fired oven ensuring an ultra-thin and crispy base. Plus there’s some Italian Stone Baked pizzas and stuffed crust pizzas which match anything that you can buy from a takeaway at a fraction of the cost.

-Right now we have “3 for 2” offers on all pizzas and ice cream, the lady tells us. – That means you can get 3 pizzas for only 60 kroner (Eur 6,29) which is a good price here in Norway where we use to spend a lot when buying food. Their selection of pizzas is huge, and we find many cool flavors we haven’t seen anywhere else before. Here you will find Sweet Chilli Chicken Pizza, Cheeseburger Pizza, Hot Dog Stuffed Crust Pizza with Cheese and Tomato and mini pizzas with pepperoni. You have many options of Deep Pan Pizza as well as Italian Pizzas. This must be heaven for all frozen pizza fans! We Norwegians love frozen pizza, and the most popular one is named Grandiosa. Did you know that Norwegians ate 24 millions of just that Grandiosa Pizza last year? In fact, we have never eaten more frozen pizza than last year! This may be one of the reasons why Iceland chose Norway as their next country!

When you arrive, you will see Big Deals on the right-hand side of the entrance. Here you find some of this week’s discounted products.  Here you find some fresh bread and raisin buns, but if you are looking for more selection of pieces of bread you should visit their own department of frozen bread in the middle of the shop. The shop was not crowded while we visited it in their opening week.

In the shop, many of the staff took time to welcome us and recommend their favorites. They seem to be proud of working there and what they can offer. It’s a great atmosphere there. We tried some of the pizzas at home and must say we really like them, especially the Hot Dog Pizza became our favorite one.

Iceland PizzaIceland Foods is much more than pizza

Although we were fascinated of all their amazing selection of new and exciting flavors of pizza, Iceland is a lot more. Their vegetables are looking great! We have never seen frozen avocados before. They also have Pepper and Mushrooms in similar packages. We love this idea because it’s very normal that these vegetables are destroyed before you are ready to use it. Here it can stay frozen until you need it! Their series of “Love Food” with nutritious ingredients is a great dinner option and something vegetarians will love. We would like to try “Sweet Potato Curry” and their “Vegetable Biryani”. They look really delicious! Here is some of the other products you will find at Iceland:

Lovely Frozen Fish – could not be fresher!Iceland Fish

It’s believed to be helpful for our bones, skin, eyes, and nerves. Fish that is frozen at seas whilst still on board ship couldn’t be fresher, whereas supposedly ‘fresh’ fish can take well over a week to reach the shops!

Most supermarkets sell ‘fresh’ fish that was previously frozen. They defrost it to make it look fresh but look on the price ticket and you will find it says “This product was previously frozen”.

Good Housekeeping recently tasted Iceland’s Dusted Yellowfin Sole Fillet with Lemon & Parsley and said “lovely white fish with a flavorful light batter”. They also loved the 4 Salmon Fillets saying “good natural color and nice thick cuts”. So you should maybe consider Iceland next time you are looking for a Fish dinner?

Ready Meals for busy peopleIceland Ready meals

While most of us say we enjoy cooking from scratch, not all of us have time to do so, especially on weekdays. Pressure on time, variable cooking skills, low confidence and the demand for fresh tasting food are all issues that the “Power of Frozen” can help to address. Not least because using frozen food involves no chopping or peeling, and has the added benefit of cutting down on food waste. We really liked their selection of Fried Rice.

Frozen Burgers and Chicken Breasts

Meat is one of the best ways to get the protein we need in our diet and is said to improve our overall health and well being. Red meat is also high in iron and provides a source of vitamin B-12, which contributes to your body’s cell health.

If you fancy a juicy joint then their Roast from Frozen range is a real winner – no fuss, no mess, no waste! Straight from the freezer to the oven, these joints ensure success every time with the quality you can taste.

For burgers lovers, there are mouth-watering 100% British beef Quarter Pounders, perfect with cheese, onions, and ketchup on a sesame bun or all on their own.

For those quick and easy meals, try Iceland’s 100% Chicken Breast Fillet Strips, great wrapping in a tortilla with a little salad or if you need to have a meal ready in a flash their top tip is Iceland Ready Cooked Sliced Chicken Breast which microwaves from frozen in just three minutes or simply defrost and eat. Just take what you need, then pop it back in the freezer!

Iceland vegetables

Vegetables – always frozen within just 2 1/2 hours of being picked

Iceland’s nutritious range of frozen vegetables is made using the finest raw materials and frozen at source soon after harvesting.

They have every type of frozen vegetable you could want to keep in your freezer, from the Freshly Frozen Mini Corn Cobs and Baby Carrots to Ready to Cook Diced Onions and Quick Cook Sliced Mixed Peppers.

Their AA grade peas are frozen within just 2½ hours of being picked! This locks in all the nutrients, so they are packed with goodness and bursting with flavor.

There’s nothing added to any of Iceland’s freshly frozen veg: no salt, sugar or water and certainly no other additives or preservatives. There’s no chopping and no peeling saving you time and meaningless waste!

Frozen desserts – Ready in just 15 minutes

Iceland desserts are produced with quality ingredients which are then quickly frozen to ensure the quality is maintained when they are defrosted.

Iceland has got temptingly delicious desserts such as their Strawberry Cheesecake topped with real whole strawberries or their 6 Chocolate Éclairs topped with real Belgian chocolate. If you have unexpected guests arrive then Iceland’s Quick Defrost range of desserts are perfect as they’re ready from the freezer in just 15 minutes.

Many exciting Ice Cream flavors Iceland ice cream

Thanks to Iceland Norwegian has got a new mecca for all the Ice Cream lovers. Yeah, Norwegians love to eat lots of ice cream. It’s actually crazy to see how many people that enjoy an ice cream here when it’s sunny and nice weather. Their cool and refreshing range of ice creams and lollies are the perfect freezer fillers. There’s something to please the whole family – from their out of this world Rocket Lollies to the scrumptious Strawberry and Vanilla Cones.

If you’re a chocolate lover their 4 Belgian Chocolate Majestics are fantastic value and have “great contrasting textures of crisp chocolate and thick, creamy ice cream” according to Good Housekeeping. For a more traditional taste, there’s their new range of Grycan ice cream; this exclusive range is made to traditional recipes by a family-run business, all using only natural ingredients.

Haagen-Dazs is not new in Norway, but thanks to Iceland we got some new flavors from them too, like their Caramel collection and Vanilla Collection. We guarantee you’ve never tasted real ice cream like this! Iceland Foods Norway

May Iceland Foods become successful in Norway?

It’s not easy to compete against the established supermarkets in Oslo Metro area, and experts are already divided into the thoughts of Iceland’s future in Norway. After Lidl was giving up in 2009, there are only 3 food providers left in the Norwegian food market: Norgesgruppen, Coop and Rema 1000. Now we get another chance: Norwegians should appreciate the amazing selection of pizza and ice cream – it must be a gift from heaven since Norwegians already eat lots of that – and now we have more options than ever. We welcome Iceland to join the Norwegian market, and we hope they will survive, grow and become successful here, because Norway really needs them. Norway is world famous for having overpriced food and food prices are yet increasing. Yeah, indeed, everything is too expensive here, while only Norwegian food providers control the entire market. We think Iceland’s concept is really great for Norway because they will bring something new and exciting that we have missed. It would be great if Norwegians finally open their eyes for some exotic food!  Yeah, let’s enjoy the variety and extended selection of flavors that Iceland now offers to Norway!

Their opening hours are 9-21, which is ok, but not as good as the Rema 1000 nearby which is open until 11 pm. We had also hoped to find some new and exciting mineral water drink options imported from the UK, but we know the import tools are expensive and that’s probably the reason why we only found ordinary drink options we are used to from other supermarkets in Norway. Except that we really liked their selection of new and exciting food. We would definitely recommend Iceland Foods to our friends and we will come back again.

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Iceland Foods International
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Here you find Iceland Mat 


Skysstasjonen 11B 1383 Asker. Located next to Asker Railway station.

Instructions on how to find Iceland Mat:

Take train line number L1, L12 or L13 from Oslo Central Station. (Expected journey time 20-25 mins)

Leave the train at Asker station and you will see the Rema 1000 store very easily and a local fruit shop as well. Iceland Mat is located at the passage next to this area.

Walking time: 1 minute from the station.