Jafs Grønland review – very yummy and affordable fast-food

Jafs Grønland pizza review: If you have been in Oslo, you have probably noticed how expensive it is to eat out. Price doesn’t always equate to quality, and plenty of fast-food restaurants prove that point with their creative approaches, authenticity and quality ingredients.

We are always on the hunt for a top-notch meal that comes with a low price tag. We have earlier covered many of the most affordable restaurants in Oslo where you can eat for less than 200 NOK (20 bucks).  Today we are going to review Jafs Grønland, located only a ten-minute walk from the central station.

Jafs Grønland pizza review

Jafs Grønland is indeed a nice surprise

Just let us be honest. We didn’t expect to get any hallelujah moment going to one of the cheapest fast-food places in Oslo, but we changed our mind and wanted to share it with our readers. Because this place really deserves a review after all.

Jafs Grønland pizza review

Good – better – best pizza in Oslo?Jafs Grønland pizza review

The best pizza in Oslo is a bit of a misnomer. The best pizza after all, is only the thick American one. Even if you could perfectly preserve a fresh slice – born from our Norwegian pure tap water, prepared according to the basic specifications of the Italian immigrants who first brought it stateside, and crisped in a real-deal local coal or wood-burning oven  and eat it across the districts, it still wouldn’t taste quite as good as if we made it ourselves. Name it magic or cognitive bias, the holy trinity of cheese, sauce, and dough just tastes better here. You find a pizzeria on every corner of every Norwegian town. The pizza has definitely been our most popular food to share with friends when we are hanging out.

Norwegian pizza style = American

Norwegians like it – the American way of pizza, not the Italian one. You’ll find “Chicago-style” pizza in world capitals. And although Oslo is a small world capital, local citizens like to claim that they live in a big city – maybe since all the other cities in Norway are way smaller than Oslo. This city has urban vibes and more international audience than any other city around. Sure, it’ll do in a pinch, but you haven’t truly experienced pizza until you’ve had it in Oslo. And Norwegians are closer to American food and culture than most foreigners could imagine. That’s why pizzas served in most local pizzerias are all thick “Chicago-style” pizzas…

Jafs Grønland pizza review

Finding the best pizza place in Oslo

We are fortunate we live in a city where the pizza is so good, even the places that sell slices are excellent. But with so many options, it’s hard to know which one is worth making the trek for. We put together our most comprehensive fast-food review. Whether you’re looking for a normal pizza, burger with fries or a kebab we’ve got you covered.

You come here for the flavor

Jafs Grønland is decidedly unattractive, with red tiles half way up and yellow wall up to the roof, kind of old-style furnishing… But what it lacks in atmosphere it more than makes up for in flavor: The most notable feature here is the herbed crust— a typical in Oslo—which pairs well with the mild mozzarella and bright, well-seasoned sauce.

We decided to try the chicken pizza and was amazed at how yummy it was.  It felt like a premium pizza and contained plenty of mozzarella cheese and mushrooms. It actually didn’t miss any of the ingredients that we expect on a high end pizzeria where prices are normally triple then what we paid.

If you’re looking for the perfect Pinterest worthy cheese pull, look no further than Jafs Grønland!

Jafs Grønland pizza review

At Jafs Grønland the pizza is the main event!

While Jafs Grønland also whips up burgers with fries, kebab and a number of other dishes, the main draw is the pizza.

Very friendly and service-minded staff

Staff is generally friendly, you get fast service at the counter, and that’s it. Remember, Jafs Grønland is a counter service, so you just walk right up and place your order.

Jafs Grønland pizza review

What is the local like?

Jafs Grønland has two small tables and a few bar chairs standing along the window. Most people order take-away and pick up the food at the counter. But Jafs Grønland also accommodates those who just want to have a quick bite at the table before hanging out. Perfect for munching fast-food before going to a bar or a night club.

How is the price level?

Jafs always has some good campaigns. For the moment you can have a big pizza with taco or chicken for only 96 NOK (approximately 10 USD). One pizza is more than enough to share for a couple! It’s actually the most affordable deal in Oslo! If you want to try out some of the other dishes on the menu, you hardly find anything above 150 kr, so it’s a pretty fair price!

Jafs Grønland pizza review

What should we drink here?

Mineral water, Coca Cola, Fanta, Urge and a few other options. No beers or wine are served here. Sorry if you expected anything else. If you want to hang out for a drink afterward, there are plenty of good affordable bars in the neighborhood.

Very yummy chicken pizza with pepperoni and olives at Jafs Grønland
Another very yummy chicken pizza with pepperoni and olives at Jafs Grønland

Jafs Grønland Pizza Review – Conclusion

The flavor of the food did surprise us! No doubt the chef here knows what he is doing. He uses fresh ingredients and sticks to a very basic menu that actually works very well – and to Oslo’s best prices. If you come back here, you will be treated as a buddy! Grab your friends, work up an appetite and get ready to eat in one of the very best Oslo fast-food spots… is it the weekend yet?

Jafs Grønland pizza review


Jafs Grønland review

Restaurant Name: Jafs Grønland

Restaurant Description: Pizza and kebab restaurant located in Grønland, Oslo

Price range: $ (Affordable)

Address: Grønlandsleiret 47B, 0190 Oslo

Cuisine: Pizza, burger and kebab

Telephone: +47 22 17 18 22

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We were actually surprised how delicious their pizza was! The quality is not beyond any pizza chain charging 3 times the amount in Oslo!


Delicious pizza


Friendly service

Perfect for take-away

Central location


Basic interior design