Most Affordable Public Transportation Travel Tips for Oslo

If you come to Oslo as a tourist. You are often offered to take tourist buses or even ride with the very expensive TAXI’s in Oslo. But we at Guide For Oslo knows about many more Affordable ways to Travel around in Oslo. Don’t ruin yourself more than necessary.

Travel options are covered by Ruter and NSB in Oslo Area

If you choose to go by tourist buses. Then the prices might be as high as 300 NOK. You can then only travel with red busses. But if you want to have a much more Affordable stay in Oslo, we recommend you to use Ruter services instead. Ruter is the company that takes care of metros, trams, buses, and ferries in the area.

All of Ruter tickets can be used on Ruter’s metro, trams, buses and ferries, and even on NSB’s trains in Oslo and Akershus. There is no night fare in Oslo so You can use the same tickets both day and night if you choose to go for 24 hours, 7 days or 30 days.

With Buses and Trains, you can travel to the Oslo border. On the Metro and Tram network, you can use the whole network. For other Zones, there are different prices but even the cheapest ticket covers the whole of Oslo for 60 minutes. If you cross to other Zones that is outside of Oslo it is added by 30 minutes.

Most Affordable Public Transportation Travel Tips for Oslo

Use one ticket all over Oslo

The most affordable tip is that You can buy tickets by downloading the Ruter app for your phone or buy the Ruter travel card. With the app you don’t need to pay the extra 50 NOK fee you need to pay for the Ruter travel card, but once you have it. You can keep it forever.

You can reach destinations such as Vigelandsparken, Holmenkollen, Aker Brygge and all of the museums at Bygdøy in one day if you plan your day. Then you can reach Grønland area of Oslo which got the most affordable restaurants in the town.

Then in the evening you can go with the Metro to Majorstuen and visit one of the worlds biggest cinemas. Yes, Colosseum 1 is a huge cinema. All movies in Norway is subtitled in Norwegian. No dubbing.

You can reach these and many other destinations with trams, buses and the metro easy. With one ticket!

The ticket prices in Oslo

One hour ticket is 35 NOK. 24-hour ticket is 105 NOK. 7 days ticket is 249 NOK etc. Children fares is half of the adult prices.

If you only have 4-5 hours available in Oslo we recommend you to get the one hour ticket. If you are going to stay for 1-2 days or more. We recommend buying one hour ticket + a 24-hour ticket or even a 7 days ticket.

If you buy a 24-hour ticket or more for the Oslo area and needs to take a flight. We recommend you to buy the 24-hour ticket so that it is valid for the train ticket to the airport. Then you only need to pay 88 NOK to the airport since it is in Zone 4. That is a unique affordable tip you should know about.

Another great tip is to already have the Ruter app available when you land in Oslo. Pay for 24-hour ticket or more. Then you only need to buy a supplementary ticket from the airport to Oslo. It saves you money and you can travel within Oslo as much as you want until the ticket runs out.

Download the Ruter app without any cost below here

Most Affordable Public Transportation Travel Tips for Oslo

Important Public Transportation Guide for Oslo

Metro Lines

Line 1 is the oldest Metro line in Oslo. It is also the Metro line that takes you to the most interesting attractions such as Holmenkollen or even Frognerseteren. You can read all about Holmenkollen in our article here.

In the city center between Majorstuen and Tøyen, which includes Nationaltheateret, Stortinget, Jernbanetorget, and Grønland. All of the lines meet and therefore the frequencies between each train are just minutes. On all of the branches, there are frequencies of between 8 and 15 minutes. You can reach all of the museums at Nationaltheateret with all of the metro lines in Oslo.

If you want to see nature when visiting Oslo. We recommend taking Line 1 all the way to Frognerseteren. Then you can walk down to Sognsvann. Be sure to take with you a map or use Maps service on your phone. You can also take Line 5 to Sognsvann, which is a beautiful lake. You can either sit near it or take a walk around it.

Most Affordable Public Transportation Travel Tips for OsloTram Lines

Line 12 takes you to Vigelandsparken. You can take it from Aker Brygge or Jernbanetorget. Taking this tram line all the way to this park takes time. But you can shorten it a lot.

You can reach Vigelandsparken within 15 minutes if you take one of the metro lines to Majorstuen and then the tram to the Vigelandsparken station. From Majorstuen you can also take Bus Line 20.

With Line 18 and Line 19 you can reach Ekebergrestauranten or even reach the Ekebergparken which is a huge park where lots of activities happen.

Bus Lines

Line 30 to Bygdøy is the best one for seeing the museums in this area. Don’t waste money on expensive TAXI trips here. Bus Line 30 takes you to all of the museums.

Line 20 as mentioned above takes you to Vigelandsparken. Line 54 takes you to Kjelsås where you can visit the technical museum.

Train Lines

All of the Oslo tickets work on NSB routes within Oslo. You can reach the technical museum at Kjelsås with Line L3 and Line R30. This is a nice tip since the train takes you to Kjelsås from Oslo S within 15 minutes only.

Don’t pay more than you need to in Oslo

Do not buy expensive bus trips in Oslo if you don’t want to. You can visit all of Oslo’s places without having to feel that Oslo is that expensive. Yes! Oslo is not the most affordable city in the world. But it can be more affordable if you know how to.

Welcome to Oslo. Welcome to a much more affordable city than you think.



Source: Guide For Oslo