Oslo Norway Weather in Summer Explained

What should you be wearing when you coming to Oslo, Norway? Well. It depends on some factors. One of the biggest ones is the weather in Norway’s capital. It is not the same as in Bergen, Stavanger, Trondheim or even Tromsø to name a few cities in Norway.

Oslo Norway Weather in Summer Explained

Oslo weather type is the Dry-type 8 months every Year

From mid of August until mid of May the weather in Oslo is a dry-type. It means that even if it rains. The humidity is dry. Once the rain stops, the ground becomes dry after just a very few minutes. Unlike Bergen which is a very wet and humid city. Oslo got a dry type of weather 8 months a year.

Thunderstorms appear during the summer months in Oslo

Between the end of May and mid of August, Oslo weather turns to a more humid type. It means that there are chances of thunderstorms even. Yes, thunderstorms are very rare in Oslo. In one year you can count on your hands-on how many times the capital gets such weather while at other times it’s a bit more.

Our summer of 2018 was an exception.  That was a summer With almost daily temps around 28C to 35C, there wasn’t much rain coming down during the summer period. Many think that Oslo got that same weather but it doesn’t. Oslo weather changes every summer. So be aware of that. None of our summers is alike as this year’s weather is a good example of. Now in 2019 our summer is way more humid. Until now we had 8 thunderstorms in the capital this year. The temps have been much colder with temps stretching between 15C and 28C.

So be aware. Watch the weather forecast on how the weather will be in Norway. But even if you follow that. Make sure that you always bring a sweater and longer jeans with you. Because the weather in Oslo summer can change a lot.

Oslo Norway Weather in Summer Explained

Huge temperature Differences between daytime and nighttime in Oslo during summer

Since Oslo is not so far from the polar circle it means that all of the nights between May and August is lightened up by the sunshine. The city got some darker hours between 23.30 and 01.30 during the night. But on days with a clear sky, the sunshine is pretty strong. But even with the sunshine shining 24 hours during the summer. It doesn’t mean that the nights will be hot if the weather forecast says it will be 23C during the daytime.

The most normal temp during the night in the summertime is between 8C and 16C. In times however when it is heatwaves, then the temp can reach 18C or even 22C during the night. But this is not often. There are also times when the night temps go below 8C during the night in the summer. So be aware of this. Don’t ever travel to Norway with trusting the weather forecast 100%!

We always recommend you to Always take a sweater, a jean or even a light jacket when you visit Oslo in the summer. With this advice, we are making sure that you as a visitor in our beautiful and awesome city in Norway will get the best experience out of it. Because no one should freeze in our capital.

Oslo Norway Weather in Summer Explained


Source: Oslo.Distrita.Com own Experience