Oslo Summer 2019 Temperature at Night is Now 23C

Oslo Summer 2019 Temperature at Night is Now 23C

photosource: Distrita – A fantastic sunset over the New skyline in Oslo near the centra train station

Since 21st of June this year. The days are now getting shorter and shorter. However, that doesn’t stop Oslo nightlife being boring at all still in July. With a striking heatwave that hit Oslo at the moment with temps up to 31C during daytime and around 23C now at 23.34 when I write this article. That is 11.34pm !!!

Oslo Summer 2019 Temperature at Night is Now 23C

photosource: Windy – This forecast is for Monday in the evening here in Oslo! 30C all weekend

Fantastic Weather in Oslo right Now

Norway is a country that got cold weather 8 months a year. So when the summer comes and the temps are high as now. People just don’t want to work or do any housework. Norwegian simply have a nice time out with friends. Drinking beer on pubs while others love to walk trips. Trond from Distrita took a walk thru our beautiful city during this night and he took some really nice shots of the night time in Oslo today.

Last year we had such temperatures every day. But this summer is different. However, we had some nice days this summer also like right now. Until next Tuesday this heatwave will keep people without air conditioners up during the night. Many homes in Norway doesn’t have them and so such temps can be more extreme. Many countries with such temps all year round have them as standard. But for people coming from USA etc where air conditioners are common. In Norway, this is not common.

So if you’re coming to Norway during the summer and stays and someone’s house thru Airbnb etc. It can be tough. However, if you stay at a hotel, then they should have it. It is way more common for Norwegians to have heaters than air conditioners. So you know!

Oslo Summer 2019 Temperature at Night is Now 23C

photosource: Distrita – Beautiful lights in Oslo tonight with a temperature of 23C ! Yet another tropical night ahead!

Our White Nights are Soon over

As you can see from the pictures taken by Trond. The sunlight is now weaker than before. In a few days, the white nights will be over and Oslo will again have darker nights but it isn’t until September before you really feel that the nights are back and then the first frosty nights will return also.

So, remember this. Every summer in Oslo is daylight 24 hours! And when heatwaves such as this one come. Be aware of air conditioners that aren’t something that everyone got in their homes, in their stores or even in the Metro. So make sure you drink lots of water. Remember that drinking water from the tap in Oslo is without any risks. It is also delicious and it is free. So don’t buy bottles with water in Oslo when you visit our capital. Save the environment!

For more information about the weather in Oslo, we recommend checking various weather forecasts such as windy.tv or yr.no. Always check the weather in Norway.



Source: Oslo.Distrita.Com