Get to Know Tusenfryd Theme Park which sits in the Oslo Metro Area

One of the coolest theme parks in Norway sits just a few minutes drive with a car or bus from Oslo is Tusenfryd. It is the oldest theme park in Norway too as its been alive since 1988. Tusenfryd replaced another smaller animal park in the area then and as you can see on the picture below. Tourists and people Loves it.

Get to Know Tusenfryd

Tusenfryd is Norway’s oldest Theme Park

Get to Know TusenfrydAwesome Must Try Roller Coasters at Tusenfryd

One of the oldest attractions at Tusenfryd is Loopen, which is located at the same place since 1988 until today. This attraction is a red coloured roller coaster with a loop and a twist. It was the only roller coaster in Norway for many years.

In 2001, Scandinavia’s biggest wooden roller coaster opened at Tusenfryd, named as Thundercoaster. This roller coaster at Tusenfryd, is one of the rides that entertains you for the longest time. It is almost 1km in length (950m) and it was world’s steepest roller coaster in 2001. The trains manages to reach a top speed of 100 km/h too. So, do Hold Tight!… The wood of Thundercoaster is taken from the Norwegian forest, which gives this ride a nice smell after rain. The entrance to the roller coaster is also quite unique.

Get to Know Tusenfryd

Speed Monster is yet another roller coaster that opened in 2006 at Tusenfryd. It is the world’s first roller coaster to feature a “Norwegian Loop”, an element which inverts riders twice and wraps around Tusenfryd’s unusual entrance that consists of two very long escalators. With 6,000 horsepower in the back, passengers accelerate from 0-90 km/h in 2.2 seconds. This ride is pretty intense, but very fun for those that loves such roller coasters.

Get to Know TusenfrydUnique roller coaster that will give you a Splash

Including normal roller coaster, you also find one of world’s coolest but most oddly roller coaster at the park. This hybrid roller coaster opened in a new area of Tusenfryd in 2003. The name of it is SuperSplash, which will guarantee that you will become wet when riding it. If you don’t want to get wet, you can bring a rain coat or just buy one at the park.

Once you are ready. You enter a big dragon viking boat. But, we can guarantee either you sit in the front, in the middle or in the back. Prepare to get a shower. The track is 320m long, has a total height difference of 19 meters and reaches a top speed of 75 km/h when sliding down on drop 2.

Get to Know Tusenfryd

Great and Unique Viking Themed rides that is unique for Tusenfryd

SuperSplash is awesome. But Tusenfryd also got unique Viking inspired theme rides that got lot’s of adrenaline rush activated for those riding them. Ragnarok is a totally new ride that is also a quite wet and intense ride. In this ride you will also get wet for sure. Thors Hammer is a 4D cinema that is the same area of the park that gives you true 3D experience.

Other great adrenaline attractions worth mentioning is the Timber Mountain Log ride that is awesome too. It got a nice drop! SpaceShot is firing you up high and down giving you G powers. SpinSpider is a carousel that looks like a giant spider. It gives you an experience that you will never forget. This intense ride will give even the bravest carousel rider a few things to think about. You sit on a giant “wheel” with your legs facing outward with approximately 40 other passengers. The wheel is attached to a huge pendulum swinging back and forth between the legs of the “spider”. Great attraction that gives adrenaline for sure. Kanofarten is another great attraction for the whole family. It got 2 modes. One for kids over 95cm and one for children under 90cm together with a parent. In this ride you sit in a canoe hanging in midair that swing from side to side. You will shake with laughter and feel the butterflies in your stomach for sure in this ride. An Tusenfryd also got bumping cars and also a house of horrors too.

Get to Know TusenfrydMany Unique Rides for Children too

Including the more intense rides for teenagers and adults. This park also got many attractions for the smallest member of the visitors. The park got 95cm as a minimum height for many of its rides. Below it, there are some rides like one of world’s smallest mini roller coaster. This one is perfect for kids under 90cm of height together with an adult. So, both father and son can have a fun time together for sure!

There is also a totally new roller coaster with a western theme. Western expressen is an excellent roller coaster located in the Western themed part of Tusenfryd. It is suitable for the whole family. This one opened this year. So, if you love roller coasters. Tusenfryd got roller coasters for all ages. Also other rides for families like mini bumping cars and other slow moving attractions is built for the smallest members of the family to have fun too.

Get to Know TusenfrydGetting to Tusenfryd Theme Park Info

Bus Connections From Oslo

Route 500 from Oslo bus terminal (platform 41) to TusenFryd. There are several extra busses going to on Tusenfryd too called 500X.

Other Bus and Train to Bus Connections

Route 521 from Ski (outside of Oslo) terminal to Tusenfryd is another way. You can reach it by Train or with route 515 from Ryen in Oslo. You can also use route 520 from Ski terminal and switch to route 500 towards Oslo at Sjøskogen.

If you are in Drøbak area, you can also use route 500 but towards Oslo.

For more informations about connections check these links

Road Connection Guide

The distance from the city center of Oslo to TusenFryd is approximately 20 km. Follow the signs to TusenFryd from the exit where E6 and E18 highways meets at Vinterbro area. TusenFryd is easy to find on GPS and you can see it from the window of the car.

If you have GPS you can use the following addresse:
Fryds vei 25, 1407 Vinterbro

Parking costs is NOK 60, – pr. car. 

Pricing Information for Tusenfryd

Ticket Type Online from Ticket office from
Over 120 cm
kr 349,00
kr 419,00
95-120 cm
kr 289,00
kr 349,00
Under 95 cm
kr 249,00*
kr 249,00*
Day 2 Ticket
kr 149,00**
kr 149,00

*Senior ticket has a fixed price
**Other promotions may occur 

Get to Know Tusenfryd

Opening Tusenfryd Hours Information

There are also season passes for the park that you can check on their site. The park is open everyday in the summer months June, July and August. Between April and June and September to October the park opening hours is only in weekends and school holidays. The park is also open for special events at times too.

For way more information about prices and other Tusenfryd information please visit their site,

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